Four Corners Farm is a multi-generational, family-friendly farm

that practices sustainable, non-GMO and chemical-free agriculture, growing nutrient-dense food for the local community.


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Working with Nature to Sustainably Produce Nutrient Dense Food

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Farm News!

Grandin Village Farmers Market Delivery: Saturday, June 24th

Welcome Summer! The longest day of the year is upon us today.  May the light be ever present in your life and may the growth it brings give you health and nurture your bodies... celebrate Summer with our pasture-raised, sunshine-nourished meats! Visit us in Roanoke at...

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Grandin Village Farmers Market Delivery: Saturday, June 3rd

Welcome June! Summer is right around the corner... are you ready for grilling season?? Be sure and pre-order hot dogs, sausage and grass only beef to make your summer grillin' pastured-perfect! Visit us in Roanoke at the Grandin Village Farmers Market THIS Saturday,...

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Vacation Fund for Pipeline Fighter & Farmer

This Summer, we've coordinated our processing schedule to allow us a time as a family to take a vacation, go visit the ocean and relax to restore our spirits and bodies. This is a much needed break for all of us who have been working tirelessly for years without a...

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Buy in Bulk and SAVE!!

Many happy customers have found the blessing of buying in bulk to save $$$! Purchasing a whole or half hog is a great way to stock up your freezer for great summer grilling - read on to learn how you can reserve a happy hog with us! We are now taking reservations for...

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Pipeline Fighters for Perriello

Check out this video from Marino Colmano (Lucid Media) of the Pickin' for Perriello event hosted at Four Corners Farm! Don't forget to vote on June...

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Pickin’ for Perriello Success!

We had a lovely evening on Sunday, May 14th... the flowers were gorgeous, the sun was shining, the moms were smiling. Yes, it was Mother's Day, but the Pickin' for Perriello event we hosted on our farm was also an occasion to celebrate, show support, and rally behind...

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