Four Corners Farm is a multi-generational, family-friendly farm

that practices sustainable, non-GMO and chemical-free agriculture, growing nutrient-dense food for the local community.


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Working with Nature to Sustainably Produce Nutrient Dense Food

Pastured Eggs

Pasture Raised Chicken

Range Raised Pork

Pasture Raised Turkey

Farm News!

Pastured Poultry Pre-Order is LIVE!!

It's time to pre-order poultry and $AVE money!!  We're offering our Pastured Poultry Pre-Order for the second year and it's now LIVE!  This farm to consumer program benefits YOU, our valued customers, and our FAMILY FARM as well! The Pastured Poultry Pre-Order Scoop:...

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Help! We Need Somebody!

...Not just ANYBODY!  (Is the Beatles song stuck in your head now?) We've got BIG plans for 2017 and are looking forward to having helping hands on the farm this season!  Learn more about our Farm Internship Opportunity HERE.  Please share and help spread the word!...

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Our Letter to FERC

December 22, 2016 Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary Federal Energy Regulatory Commission 888 First Street NE, Room 1A Washington, DC 20426 RE:  Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC FERC Docket No: CP16-10-000 DEIS-DO272  September 2016 Dear Secretary Bose: FERC’s Draft...

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Short Days, Long Nights

As the days have been shorter and our times of darkness greater, the more we recognize our need for seasonal rhythm.  The farm has quieted down over the last month as our poultry season ended with Thanksgiving.  Yes, we do still have our laying chickens, but they have...

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THIS SUNDAY, 2-5 PM: Fall Farm Field Day – Food & Tours!

We're cleaning up and counting down!  Join us out at the farm for an afternoon to connect and meet others who support local farms and food!  Hayride tours, food tastings, and plain ole' family-friendly fun will be had.  Come on over to Four Corners Farm and celebrate...

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