Four Corners Farm

We are a multi-generational, family-friendly farm that practices restorative, chemical-free agriculture, supplying clean food for our local area. We are located 20 minutes South of Roanoke, VA in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Franklin County.

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Eggs from Hens on Pasture

Our hens are happy and healthy, roaming freely on our pastures.

Pasture Raised Turkey

We offer two different turkey breeds for your Holiday Table: the Mammoth Bronze and the Broad Breasted White.

Range Raised Pork

Our pigs are healthy and happy, helping to regenerate the land.

Pasture Raised Chicken

Our broilers are moved daily to a fresh pasture “salad bar” producing nutritionally dense chickens.

The best part of farming is watching the animals grow, appreciating the seasons one day at a time, and meeting people who are excited about us raising real food. -Ian Reilly