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It is with heavy hearts that we share that Four Corners Farm is taking a break from farming for an undetermined amount of time. Both our animals and our family have endured so much stress and trauma surrounding the Mountain Valley Pipeline and we feel a myriad of concerns about farming in the midst of such devastation.

Many have contacted us looking for fresh turkeys and sadly, we just could not risk raising them with the destructive pipeline construction on the farm.

There are several other local farms who have great pasture-raised products, including turkeys! Some of them are:
* Weathertop Farm (
* Restoration Acres Farm (
* Idlelwild Farm (
* Bramble Hollow Farm (

We are appreciative of your support, business and understanding as we’ve navigated the joys and challenges of restorative farming and as of late, the difficulties of striving to protect the land. Be sure to keep in touch and we will keep you, our friends and supporters, informed as to what’s next for our family!

The Reilly Family

Ian & Carolyn
Jonas, Evelyn, Elliot & Joy

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