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It’s been a quiet Spring for our family. Compared to the past 8 years, at least.

In reality, last Spring and Summer was such a whirlwind, that the Fall and Winter months were so heavy and dense with depression, that silence was needed to process.  And as Nature continually shows us, the seasons shifted and Spring arrived out of the bleakness of a deep and dark Winter.

We’re raising our heads, our hearts, and our hands to share openly, yet again, of the nightmare that started rocking our world just under five years ago. As we shared in a post from last November, we made the decision to stop our farming business. We’re now preparing for eminent domain trial and we are blown away by the costs to hire experts to help defend our farm.

We need to raise $5,000 in the next 5 weeks in order to secure experts and set us on a path towards a strong court trial, which is scheduled for early next year (2020!). Will you help us reach our goal? You can give online here, or if you’d rather donate using another method, please reach out to Carolyn: carolyn[at]fourcornersfarm[dot]com.

As you may notice, we’re opting NOT to use a fundraising site like “Go Fund Me” as the fees they charge take away from any donations given. We’re using our Square Market Store online. And we don’t operate as a non-profit, so your donation doesn’t have a tax incentive, unfortunately. HOWEVER, your GIFT is a HUGE blessing for our family and our continued effort to defend what we love.

We’re also committed to not staying so silent… watch for more updates and posts, sharing the documented destruction at Four Corners Farm!

With deep gratitude,


P.S. Read this recent article by the Guardian HERE. Below is a section from the article as Dave discusses MVP’s impact to Four Corners Farm:

In Rocky Mount, Virginia, part of Dave and Betty Werner’s property was taken via eminent domain for the pipeline route and it has devastated their farm. On the Werners’ 58-acre farm, their best pasture, where they raise cows, chickens, pigs and turkeys, was seized for the pipeline.

Construction of the Mountain Valley pipeline at the Werner family farm in Rocky Mount, Virginia. Photograph: Courtesy of Dave Werner

“As a result of the Mountain Valley pipeline taking over that lower pasture, it put us out of business. We can’t live and operate without that pasture and the water sources down there,” said Dave Werner.

Construction began on their property in May 2018, which included blasting rock to clear trenches for the pipeline. “If they could either go away or finish this job, we could put our farm up for sale because we don’t want it any more in this condition, but we can’t even do that because of the mess.”

The Werners’ trial for just compensation from Mountain Valley pipeline for their property is scheduled to start next year.

P.P.S. Thank you for your generous support! Any amount donated is so appreciated!

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