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Well, we’ve been quite busy since we arrived here to the farm over 7 months ago… we’ve been through two beautiful seasons that have caused our native Floridian eyes adore the Virginia landscape and weather.  Winter was precious for us as we settled in and had many quality hours and days staying warm by the wood stove.  Any snow that came through was a thrill for us and we bundled up and waddled outside to frolic and play in the dainty white flakes.

And then, Spring arrived… slowly creeping in through the bare trees of winter.  The varying stages of blooming flowers and colors coming to life through the brown grass was breathtaking.  Truly a season of new life and rejoicing as grass transitioned to it’s true state of greenness.   We all treasured the sweet smells, newly discovered flowers, and beautiful birds that decided to settle here at the farm.

Spring was also the beginning of our farm dream coming into full existence. Chicks arrived here on April 4th and more soon after.  We have enjoyed all the moments working with poultry, learning along the way as we seek to sustainably raise our animals.  And here we are, well into Summer (enjoying this Florida heat, we might add!) excited to invite the community to our first Four Corners Farm Field Day on Saturday, July 30th, anytime between 1 and  5 pm.  All are welcome to come out and see what we are all about!  Please pass on the information and invite your friends… hope to see you there!

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