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Everyone is aware of the mild winter we’ve had… it has been a mixed blessing when it comes to farm living.  When there is snow on the ground and temperatures are absolutley frigid, there is nothing that can be done but play in the snow and get warm inside!  But since the average high temperature this winter has been near 50, we’ve been busy outside.  The latest project is getting our brooder ready for the day old chicks that will be arriving in mid-March.

We are amazed at how time continues to tick tock along and we are striving to simply slow down and soak up the everyday moments and happenings that pop up on the farm.  Like finding a frozen egg in the duck house and wondering at how it cracks the shell and is iced over.  Or perhaps it’s when the snow falls and our guinea hens squawk and chirp in their high pitched shrill tones running to shelter under the eaves of the Farm Store.  And then, our adventerous Rhode Island Red hens, exploring out onto the snow covered ground, leaving their funny tracks.

We have also begun planning some fun family friendly events to have here at the farm! The first event (be sure to mark your calendar) is our First Annual Easter Eggstravaganza on Saturday, April 7th.  We will have an eggcellent time hunting for eggs, playing egg games and races and much much more!  Check back to our blog and calendar page to keep up to date on future events!

Now go and be slow and enjoy the rest of your winter!

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