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Our first batch of chicks arrived last week… 50 Cornish Cross and 50 Freedom Rangers!  Their peeping and pecking, scratching and stretching are always so enjoyable to observe. We also have been busy preparing our garden, building a new fence, sowing starter seeds, and even doing some flower planting.

We are very excited as we enter our second year raising pastured poultry, providing you, our customers, with clean food you can trust and feel good about!  All of our poultry is fed Virginia-grown, chemical free, non-GMO feed and real food kitchen scraps. They are moved daily to a fresh pasture “salad bar” which renews the land and grows nutritionally dense broiler chickens and pastured eggs. Our chickens are free to express their “chickenness” exploring and enjoying the Virginia mountain air, fresh grass and soak up the vitamin rich sun rays. We know that we have some of the best tasting chicken and eggs around… taste the difference!!

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