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By Carolyn Reilly

Every Christmas Season, I seem to slip into this desperate mode of living.  Striving to make the time sacred; I dream of it being full of family quality time, making homemade gifts, you know “Martha Stewart moments.”  And yet, every New Year, I look back on the holidays and it’s a blur – I rushed through everything, hurried here and there, was always on to the next thing… Doing this, doing that.

Here I am again – the beginning of the Christmas Season – it’s tempting to start freaking out (especially as our kids count down the days to Christmas), but I’ve made a decision this year… a choice to slow down and enjoy this season.  Just as animals and nature take a break from their production and busyness, I recognize the need to just take a break, prioritize and just BE.  I choose to practice the art of being present, be in the here and now.  This season, I’m not dreaming of what’s to come or of what’s already passed, nor what others might be doing… in fact, I’m not dreaming!  I’m living – one precious day at a time – and celebrating this season!

What about you…are you dreaming or living?

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