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Ready for adventure, brave, smart, and “all boy” are just a few words to describe our youngest son, Elliot Reilly.  Around the farm, he is eager to explore, tag along with older siblings, or help out with all the various chores to be done.  Elliot is seven years old, loves books, playing outdoors, riding his bike (on our gravel roads) and just getting dirty!

Let’s sit down and get to know more about Elliot!

Carolyn: Have you ever had a desire to become a farmer?

Elliot: Yes

Carolyn:  What do you dream of being when you are an adult?

Elliot: Just a regular person.

Carolyn:  Where were you born?

Elliot: Florida

Carolyn: What kind of outdoor things do you like to do?

Elliot: Climb trees or ride my bike, build forts.

Carolyn: Have you always enjoyed being outside?

Elliot: Yes!

Carolyn:  Tell us about your hobbies – what are some things you enjoy doing?

Elliot: Riding my bike, reading, looking for treasures on the farm.

Carolyn: What is one of the most challenging parts of farming?

Elliot: Processing chickens

Carolyn: What is one of the best parts of farming?

Elliot: Catching, holding and petting our chickens.

Carolyn: What do you think makes our farm so different than the typical American farm?

Elliot: No soybeans, not a lot of cows, and having a variety of animals.

Carolyn: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Elliot: Here!

Carolyn: Thank you for sitting down with me!

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