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We have been anticipating this for months now… our first offering of pastured pork.  The experience has been wonderful – raising pastured pigs was an adventure, full of fun and enjoyable learning opportunities.  They were co-workers on the farm, tilling the land as they rotated around heavily overgrown areas on our farm – they cleared and worked hard, moving the earth and regenerating the soil.  It is amazing to see the re-growth of the areas where they’ve been.  Their work was a gift, and the excitement of new areas where they moved to was simply a large part of their nourishment – lush green growth.

They continue to give – they have become sustenance for many – a source of nutritionally dense food.  We are pleased to offer pastured pork in our Farm Store beginning the weekend of August 16th & 17th.  Pricing will be posted on the Farm Store page.

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