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Fallen LeafOn Sunday, October 27th, something magical occurred here on the farm. No, there weren’t any wizards or spells… just people.  But not just any “people.”  People who care about food and farming.  Our family is so grateful for the time everyone took from their busy lives to come hang out on the farm! What treasured time it all was…

This lone leaf in the photo reminds me of how sacred time truly is. And just as a leaf takes many months to fulfill it’s cycle, it falls in less than a minute and rests on the ground, to slowly decompose and further nourish the soil surrounding the tree it fell from.  And so it is with this farm season, we poured countless hours of farm work; moving/rotating, feeding and caring for the animals, farm maintenance and work, processing chickens, cleaning eggs, and the list could go on, and at the end of the season, all the work and growth and food is celebrated in a way similar to a single harvest festival – a time to share our gratitude for those who support all those hours and the labor spent raising good food.

And now, we as farmers, approach a season of slowing down, life centers more around the warmth of our wood stove and ideas are shared for next season… we also talk of the treasures of this last season – important milestones that encourage us to journey forward.

We thank you!  We treasure your support and look forward to many more seasons!

(If you would like to see some of the photos from the Customer Appreciation Dinner, click on the image below… it will take you to our Facebook Album.)

Farm Tour Hay Ride

Farm Tour Hay Ride – Customer Appreciation



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