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The Expanded Chicken-Gypsy Wagon

The Expanded Chicken-Gypsy Wagon

We have had a cold winter!  But there have been these bizarre balmy days of temperatures in the 60’s and that is when we bustle outdoors, working on farm projects.  However, even Farmer Reilly has been found working outside in below freezing weather – building a new chicken wagon and expanding our old one.  You could say he gets “farmhouse fever” (at least that’s what we’re calling it since we don’t live in a cabin)!  On those cold, wintry days, when Farmer is out working, I am perfectly content to keep warm in the kitchen, cooking up a hearty pot of stew (using beautiful bone broth, of course!).  When the day begins to warm, however, I am excitedly ready to head outside and find farm work (which isn’t hard to find!).

Upcoming project for us all is building a new brooder for all the chicks we will be raising this year.  We are planning on building one from the ground up and not incorporating an older building like we have in the past few years.  This brooder will be bigger and the challenge is that we have less than 6 weeks to build it!  We are hoping to finish the new structure just before the first day of Spring.  So all the cold and snow and ice is fun, but the mild days are a sweet reminder that Spring is around the corner, beckoning to bring us longer days, flowers, and sunshine!

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