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  By Evelyn Reilly

If you could hear the flowers,

Singing to the sky

Like bells –

The Daffodil trills,

Sweetly singing the sound of Spring.

The Rose sings

Of birds –

On the wing!

Sweetly singing with the stars.

The Easter Lily

Trumpets aloud

That resurrection has come early.

The Dandelions stout,

They sing about

Bees and flowers

Dusty, old bowers, and

The sun, moon and stars.

And praising with the lark,

The Daisy has a mark,

of the sun in the center of the moon,

And lustily singing

the laughter is ringing,

of a Lilac in the middle of a field.

And I now shall rally

The Lilies of the Valley

For the fife, drum and bugler,

Of this battle to fight.

If you could see the Trees dancing,

What would you see?

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