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EgginHandSo, you’ve probably noticed a little more contact from us via your email.  We are seeking to bring the list of our farm store items into the comfort of your home.  We know you are busy.  We realize it makes sense to take a few minutes and check your fridge, pantry or freezer inventory before you head to a market.  And this is where the ease of having a simple itemized list is a great tool for meal planning.  Currently, the emails are going to everyone on our list.  Please take a few minutes to update your profile to choose where your preferred pick-up location is, as well as make any corrections by clicking here.  We are working to transition to send an email only to those on our list for each upcoming, designated pick-up location.

Your response has been great!  We are thrilled to be able to meet your requests and bring your order, bagged and ready for pick-up. Folks, keep your orders coming!  Not only does it help YOU out, to be guaranteed what you’d like when you come to the market, but it also helps us out, by knowing what our customers want and need.  After all, we can’t bring our entire Farm Store to the pick up locations, but we can bring what you pre-order.

As always, thanks for supporting our family farm!


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