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pipeline_imageThis massive pipeline is hoping to touchdown somewhere on our farm… burying a 42″ pipe pushing through a high pressure liquified gas to ultimately arrive on the coast of North Carolina and likely get shipped to Europe in order for the big-wigs to get the most bang for their buck.  We wanted to get a better idea of just how big 42″ is, so we got out our measuring tape, and guess what?  Our youngest daughter, Joy, is exactly 42″ inches tall.  That is one BIG pipeline!  A five-year-old could walk in it!  Fortunately, there are many citizens in our county and beyond who are ready to fight the company who is in the process of getting approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  YOU can help, too, by simply writing to F.E.R.C.  and there are guidelines and writing helps at Preserve the New River Valley.

If you’d like to get involved locally, in Franklin County, we are having a public community meeting on Thursday, November 6th at 7pm at Redwood United Methodist Church. You can also keep up by visiting Preserve Franklin or the Facebook page.  

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