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pipeline_imageSee this?  At Four Corners Farm, we have taken a firm position to oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  We don’t want it coming through our property, our county or any other land in our Country!  The Preserve Franklin group is made up of local citizens who have joined together to voice their concerns about the Mountain Valley Pipeline.  As a group, we are working on raising funds for signs, bumper stickers and simply put, to bring awareness to our neighbors and others.  You see, in Franklin County, not everyone is on Facebook or even online.  We have to do this in a real hands and feet sort of way – word of mouth and visuals – of the printed sort.  Yes, we are connecting with many online folks, have a lot of great conversations going on the Preserve Franklin Facebook page, too (join in, we’d love to have you!)… but there are still many people (I mean a lot!) who have no clue about the destruction and damage that bringing a “fracked natural gas” pipeline will do to our area.


So…here’s how you can help!

Get involved by learning more online.  There are many groups out there that help spell out what you can do.  Write to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Great tips and help is located on the Preserve the New River Valley website.

Help the Preserve Franklin group raise money!

Oct2012-08Check out this guy!  He could end up on your Thanksgiving table!  Well, not strutting and fanning, but nicely dressed!  We are donating a FRESH turkey to be auctioned off just in time for Thanksgiving!  Here’s what you need to do: You can either email your bid or leave a comment below with your bid amount. The auction will end Tuesday, November 25th at NOON.  We will announce the winner here on our blog and on our Facebook page.

Now, our turkeys are not just your average Butterball!  The turkey you could WIN is called a Mammoth Bronze.  A beautiful breed, Mammoth Bronze turkeys are the result of crossing turkeys brought from Europe by colonists (which had been exported to Europe years before) with the Wild Turkey. The two mating produced a bird that was larger and more robust than the European turkeys.  Mammoth Bronze turkeys can weigh anywhere from 18-28 lbs and make a beautiful and delicious choice for your holiday celebrations!  Our retail  price is $7 per pound.  Bidding will begin at $100.  Thanks for your support!!


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