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The Reilly Family and "Grandpa" Dave & "Grandma" Betty Werner

The Reilly Family and “Grandpa” Dave & “Grandma” Betty Werner (Fall 2013)

After our thanksgiving food-fest, and the fun game playing we had, I found a quiet spot to reflect and give thought to what I am most grateful for… Sure, a warm home to live in, wonderful food that we raised and grew ourselves… these are things for which we shouldn’t take for granted!  However, underneath all the wonderful blessings of provision and needs being met, there is a deeper gratitude I discovered within me:  People;  Relationships.  These really matter.  All the other blessings of things may be stripped away (our home could burn down in the blink of an eye, food can become scarce, clothing and shoes wear out… you catch my drift). But people and the relationships we have with them remain.
As I was reflecting, my mind came to rest upon my family.  My parents (Dave & Betty) have been an encouragement to us as we have ventured into a whole new way of living.  Ian and I choosing to becoming farmers in our mid thirties, with four kids in tow, my parents have supported us in many ways.  Yes, some through financial investment to help us launch our family farm business, but most of their support has been simply this:  LOVE.  Right where we are.  Trusting what we learn and the supporting the next steps we take.  As a family.  As a farm.  Our children have also given so much of their support for what we are doing.  Being farmers is not easy.  It involves being flexible (“the pigs are out again!”), patient (“when can Daddy tuck me in?”),  and self-sacrificing (“we can stay and help, Mom”).  Our kids’ love and support have helped us move forward and see before our very eyes the reason we are doing what we are doing… it is for them.  For all children, everywhere.  It is their future for which we are healing the land.  We hope that children realize it is never too late to follow your dreams and change agents in the world.  No matter how hard it is, how scary it feels, each and every one of us can make a difference!

My hope and prayer is that I carry this deep thankfulness into and throughout the Christmas/Holiday Season.  May each of you uncover the deep gratitude for the people in your life and how others impact your everyday living.

In gratitude,


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