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Ian and Carolyn at VABF, January 2015

Yep. You heard it… right here on our farm blog: “It’s all about relationships.”
Ian and I attended the Virginia Association of Biological Farming Conference (VABF for short) last weekend (January 30-31). We went eager to learn from excellent speakers who are experienced and seasoned farmers. Getting away together was a treat (we rarely get opportunities to go out of town just the two of us!) and allowed time for us to talk and share. Something that came up in our conversation was relationships… our relationship to each other, our children, family and friends, etc. We concluded that they’re not always easy and they certainly take work, but they’re always worth it.
The next morning at VABF, the keynote speaker, Dr. John Ikerd, gave the plenary talk entitled Sustaining the Sustainable Agriculture Movement.

His definition of sustainability is:“the ability to meet the basic needs of everyone and to do it in such a way that doesn’t diminish opportunities from future generations.”

Right away, Dr. Ikerd hones in on the foundation of sustainable practices – relationship. His wisdom and words were simple: In order for the sustainable agriculture movement to be sustained, “we must maintain a sense of personal connectedness.” Part of that connectedness is to the land and the animals we care for, raising them on this grand place called earth. These relationships certainly take work as we desire to steward wisely what we are in contact with.

We also connect with you, our customers; and you with us – another relationship formed. We believe we have a responsibility to raise and grow quality over quantity, caring for the land and the animals. In turn, folks grow to know us and our desire to walk with integrity; living in fairness, respect, and honesty. A mutual sort of Local Food Farm Love relationship is formed and is nurtured. Dr. Ikerd put it this way:

“Have the courage to be fully human! We are not just material beings – we are social beings! We all have the desire to care and be cared for… to love and be loved.”

There you have it. It really is all about relationships. We care about all our customers and appreciate how you care for us!

Want some ideas of how to share and spread the Local Food Farm Love? Here are just a few:
• Send us an email or quick note letting us know your thoughts about our farm and family.
• Host a Local Food Love Feast and purchase your ingredients from local farmers you know and trust.
• Connect through social media and keep up to date with our farm (we’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).
• Post a picture of your favorite meal prepared from local ingredients, then share it with your farmer!

What are some other ways you share the Local Food Love?

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