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Jerry & Ian, Fly Fishing 2011

Jerry & Ian, Fly Fishing 2011

Jerry Sherwood, 1948-2012

Three years ago this past week, my step-father died. We knew death was near, but it was still sad and he is certainly still missed today. I wouldn’t be half the man, father or farmer that I am without him and many of you have been touched by his legacy without ever meeting him.

We had quite a bit in common. Both of us lost our fathers at age 14 and each of us had a step-father come into our life to help shape us in the absence of our biological fathers.

Everything that I know about building, wiring, plumbing, you name it, is because he cared and shared what he knew, and he loved doing it. I’m glad that he was able to make it to the farm several times; he truly loved being here. If you have visited our farm you have seen his work, our work:

  • The cow shed where cows were milked grew out of his plans and encouragement.
  • The floor to our pavilion was a Father’s Day weekend project soon after moving here.
  • The tractor that I use to move, mow, grade, haul, and more was a gift from him when he was no longer able to use it.

I’m thankful for the time I had with Jerry and I feel happy simply seeing places around our farm that reminds me of the projects that we worked on together and the good times that we shared. I love you Jerry!

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