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Buster the Photo Bomber

Carolyn & Ian + Buster the Photo Bomber – Earth Day 2015

Earth Day celebrated it’s 45th year on April 22nd.  I decided to do a quick history lesson for myself to understand why it was started and who had the idea.  According to, the birth of Earth Day in 1970 “capitalized on the emerging consciousness, channeling the energy of the anti-war protest movement and putting environmental concerns front and center.”  Gaylord Nelson was a U.S. Senator who founded Earth Day; he and a variety of people who helped launch this national event included Republicans and Democrats, farmers and tycoons, rich and poor; all working together to bring earth issues to the forefront of American society.

So what?  Does this ONE day really make a difference anymore??  I think it does – the date brings another opportunity to educate and share the importance of caring for the land we live on – planet earth.  And honestly, this education ought to continue each and every day.  WE must be open to learn from nature; respect the power it has, recognize our inability to control it, as well as learn from the natural consequences of our actions.  This requires daily observation and acknowledgement of the outdoors.  Not necessarily easy work for our society today!

Much of our family’s life is centered around nature.  When it rains, we usually don’t work outside.  When the sun is shining and giving warmth, we’re usually found outdoors working or playing (sometimes both!).  Our farm operates seasonally; because our animals are raised outdoors on the land, winter months prove too harsh for chickens to be rotating through pastures (that are covered in snow or brown!).

Adapting and respecting nature has been a simple way for us to practice Earth Day, everyday.  It certainly has been a process, and didn’t happen overnight.  And yes, there are times when we feel frustrated by the weather, anxious about a forecast, and sad about a predator attack on our chickens.  Yet, there is a deeper sense of peace within us as we honor the day to day ways of Mother Earth and strive to work with, not against her.

What are some ways you celebrate Earth Day everyday?

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