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From left to right: Josie, Shelia, Haddon, Turner, Ben

From left to right: Josie, Shelia, Haddon, Turner, & Ben

A note from Ben:

Hi! We are the DiMeolo’s; Ben, Shelia, Turner, Josie, and Haddon.  We are very pleased to be the first interns at Four Corners Farm.  We first became interested in farming after our first child had food allergies and severe eczema.  This led us to believe, like so many others, that what we eat has a direct relation to our overall and general health.  “Folks This Ain’t Normal” by Joel Salatin of Polyface, further opened our eyes to the quality of food we eat, and the superiority of local food systems.  A couple other books, “You Can Farm” and “Family Friendly Farming” sealed the deal for us and we were sure we wanted to farm, leading us to Four Corners and, hopefully, a farming enterprise of our own in the near future.  We are incredibly thankful to the Reilly family for having us, and look forward to this season, learning to farm, interacting with customers, and enjoying God’s Creation!

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