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Ian_Fall2This past summer we had the privilege of hosting the DiMeolo family here as interns on the farm.  This was our first season offering an internship program – what a great first experience it was!

Ben was an extremely hard worker and very motivated, willing to go the extra mile and not stop until the job was done.  We worked together from before sunup to after sundown from June through October (5 months!) and we truly worked well as a team.

Some of you may recall the articles they wrote for our farm e-newsletter expressing their enthusiasm for life on the farm.  It was great to have a fresh perspective… it reminded me of those exciting feelings of doing new things, seeing and appreciating the beauty of a new day, and enjoying the land.

Shelia was a trooper as well, pitching in where ever it was needed and helped with chicken processing; while also taking care of their 3 young children, who were always happy to help with chores and other farm projects!

Ben’s help here at Four Corners Farm moved us to the next level of rotational grazing for all our animals.  His tireless effort in setting up fences, running water lines, and the hours upon hours of trimming fences helped us to better utilize our land in ways that we haven’t been able to before.

Now life on the farm is slowing down as we transition into the latter half of autumn and towards winter.  And while the work load lessens, our first-year interns’ presence is missed.

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