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Recycling_4waysWe are thrilled for you to meet our latest endeavor in restoring the earth through sustainable care… Four Corners Recycling.

Our family through the years has learned the importance of reducing our impact on the planet.  Two key elements to us becoming better stewards of the earth were, and still are, reusing items (shopping from thrift stores, etc) and recycling.  When we moved to Virginia, just under five years ago, we were saddened to see that the local recycling drop off boxes were very limited as to what they accept.  Fortunately, a family who had recently relocated to the area decided to do something about it and began a curbside recycling business called “GPS Recycling.”  We were happy customers of theirs from the very beginning! Recently, they had to make a hard choice and close down the business.

Being restorative farmers and conscious care-takers of our home on planet earth, we decided to step out with courage that this would be a worthwhile venture – helping continue on the great beginnings that GPS had made.  Our goal is to educate Franklin County citizens about the importance of reducing our impact, embracing a reuse and recycle lifestyle, to help restore our county and beyond.  Our business is here to serve Franklin County residents and business with single-stream, curb-side recycling services, picking up every two weeks.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact us at recycle [at] fourcornersrecycling [dot] com or visit our Facebook Page.

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