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As I reflect on 2015, there is much to be grateful for.  I’m thankful for the family and kiddos that surround me – they bring such life and fun into my life!  As a family, we’re thankful for the variety of opportunities to travel this past year. We’re also very thankful for our many customers and local food lovers who throughout the year find ways to “get local” and support our farm.  And we’re thankful for the folks at LEAP who are doing amazing work in bringing local food to communities throughout Roanoke.  We’re also thankful for new areas of growth and work our family has experienced; myself (Carolyn) working as a Community Organizer for the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and Ian taking on a NEW business further supporting sustainable and restorative living: Four Corners Recycling!

After such a grateful and adventure-filled 2015 – we’re super excited about 2016! Over the next few days, we’ll be sitting down together to plan and set goals for our farm and family.  Having a fresh start is refreshing to me and I am hopeful that 2016 will be full of new ideas set in motion as well as time spent with people – in our home, in our community and the greater community of our region.

May your reflections of 2015 bring you a sense of gratitude and celebration of all the ups and downs.  But may excitement and HOPE fill you as we enter 2016… may it be a year full of joy, light and peace!!

Happy New Year!!

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