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This is our “baby.”  Although, she’s not much of a baby anymore!  Seven years ago we welcomed Joy Elizabeth into the world.  We moved here, to Virginia, when she was only 18 months old and farm life is what she knows.  We got our first cow on her 2nd birthday and just as we were awaiting her arrival seven years ago, today we are expecting that Fawn, one of our first-time mama cows, will calve today!  One of Joy’s birthday gifts is the honor of naming it! Farm Girl, indeed!

We’re sharing this personal celebration because we are thankful for you; for all of you who have supported us in our farming adventure!  Purchasing from a local farm like ours, encourages us and helps us grow our business, but also allows us to continue forward in our endeavors and raise our children here at Four Corners Farm.  Thank you!!

AND: Happy 7th Birthday Joy Elizabeth!!

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