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The man behind the meat, Ian Reilly, hard-working outdoor lover, celebrates his 41st birthday today (July 21)!  As Ian’s wife, I’m constantly amazed at his strength and endurance.  The last 5+ years have not been easy by any means!  This man chose to leave his comfortable and high paying desk job as an IT System Administrator for life on the land to raise happy and healthy animals on pasture.  The adventure has been full of ups and downs and Ian Reilly has handled all of them with ease and grace.  I admire my husband and his determination and commitment to see things through.  I love him deeply, more and more with each passing year.  I hope that whoever reads this and feels compelled to share something about Ian, the Birthday Farmer, will either email him OR post something on our farm Facebook Page.  This is not to embarrass, but to embrace and honor the man that Ian Reilly is and celebrate his day of birth!

Happy Birthday IAN REILLY!

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