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Farmin’ ain’t no easy task!  As I’m working on this blog post and email to our customers (at 10PM), Ian heard that several of our cows had busted out of their fenced area. Ian took care of it immediately – hopped out of bed and rushed out in his pajamas to make sure the cows made it back to their pasture safe and sound.  And with Thursday being a processing day, Ian’s up at 4AM to catch chickens!  This time of year is just plain ole’ busy and sometimes exhausting.  Many don’t realize all the work that goes into running a farm like ours.  And we encourage folks who want to know and understand a little more about the blood, sweat and tears that’s poured out to keep our farm going to come out and visit us:  Come by our Farm Store (open Friday & Saturday), BUT especially SAVE THE DATE to come out for our Fall Field Day/Open House on Sunday, October 30th from 2-5PM!  Oh – and don’t forget to swing on by the Market this Saturday in Roanoke!

Visit us in Roanoke at the Grandin Village Community Market THIS Saturday, September 10th, 8AM-Noon!

We will be delivering pre-orders for Grass-Only BEEF, FRESH Chicken, EGGS and Range-Raised PORK, as well as LOCAL coffee & HONEY to the Grandin Village Community Market (2080 Westover Avenue SW, Roanoke – raised terrace behind the Co-op) on  Saturday, September 10th, from 8AM to Noon.  Pre-orders are filled in the order they are received and are accepted up until 8pm on Friday, September 9th

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Four Corners Farm grows real, nutritionally dense food, caring for the land and the animals – working to bring you great food – from farmers you can trust!  We provide only the very best, locally grown Non-GMO feed, fresh pasture, and clean water for all of our animals which insures that your chicken, pork, beef, and eggs are nourishing and, simply put, better than the store-bought eggs and meats from who knows where. We never use artificial fertilizers, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

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