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As the days have been shorter and our times of darkness greater, the more we recognize our need for seasonal rhythm.  The farm has quieted down over the last month as our poultry season ended with Thanksgiving.  Yes, we do still have our laying chickens, but they have certainly focused their energy on keeping warm and releasing old feathers (molting).  This means that our lovely layer ladies are not giving us many eggs during these short days.  Many of you know that this time of year is a slower season for egg production, and you’ve learned this as you’ve supported the ebb and flow of the seasons and our restorative farming methods.  A part of this is allowing chickens this time to slow down and rest (much like us tired farmers!).  Some egg producers will put artificial light in with their chickens to trick them into increased production during the “off” season when sunlight is short and the darkness lengthens.  But we have chosen, year in and year out, to let our birdies be… Of course we keep them nice and warm in their egg-mobile (which is currently under repair – see this post for more info), make sure they have clean water and fresh food, as well as provide shelter in our barn when it snows.

So as we make our way toward longer days and nights that once again wane with the anticipation of Spring, we ask for your patience and understanding with our egg availability being extremely limited.  This is a time of year where rich and hearty stews made with bone broth can make a warming and nourishing breakfast… think of this season to be a time of creativity in the kitchen when eating a local diet.

May your days be Merry and Bright with the JOY that this Season brings!

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