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This Summer, we’ve coordinated our processing schedule to allow us a time as a family to take a vacation, go visit the ocean and relax to restore our spirits and bodies. This is a much needed break for all of us who have been working tirelessly for years without a full family vacation during the lovely summer months. BUT, we are also doing our best to continue in our businesses and make a living wage (which can be really difficult when you own two different businesses!). That’s why we’re humbly asking for your support and help to get us to the beach for a week!  Would you consider pitching in $10 or $100 to help towards funding a beach house rental?

We’re grateful for the outpouring of support as our family farm has grown over the last 7 seasons… we couldn’t be where we are without the encouragement and awesome, committed customer base that we have – THANK YOU!

Click HERE to help send the Farmer and the Pipeline Fighter to the Beach!

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