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Farm life is HARD work! Nobody works harder than Farmer Ian Reilly… He’s going to not like the attention this brings him, but folks need to know just a snippet of who Ian is and all that he does around the farm, the community and the county.  Ian Reilly: 

  • Is a committed family man, loves his wife and four children; is available for his family whenever they need him
  • Respects ALL people, but does not tolerate hate, bigotry and racism.
  • Responsibile with a capital “R” as Farmer Reilly goes to great lengths to make sure all the animals are healthy and happy
  • Cares for the land and the environment; launching a recycling business almost two years ago, adding another task to his to-do list, Ian Reilly keeps on working hard as a steward for the community, picking up recycling bi-weekly from Franlkin County residents.
  • Is a supporter of citizens and landowners who are fighting to protect their land and water from the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline; Ian continually supports his wife in the on-going pipeline fight as well as listens and learns from the many fellow landowners and neighbors who have expressed their concerns about this risky fracked-gas pipeline.
  • Is stepping up. Ian Reilly made a decision this past Spring to get involved in politics and run for the Boone District Franklin County Board of Supervisors. Ian’s campaign will be picking up the pace soon; thanks for the support and encouragement as he steps up and out to be bold and run for local office!

I could go on and on, but I think this gives a small glimpse into the human being that Ian is… YOUR support of our businesses and the investment you make to buy local, non-gmo pasture-raised meats and/or recycling services is such a gift and show of love and solidarity in our efforts to make a difference in the community.  Thank you!! – Carolyn

Visit us in Roanoke at the Grandin Village Farmers Market THIS Saturday, August 19th, 8AM-Noon!

We will be delivering pre-orders for non-gmo Pasture-Raised Chicken, Free-Range EGGS and Range-Raised PORK, as well as LOCAL HONEY and locally roasted coffee to the Grandin Village Farmers Market (2080 Westover Avenue SW, Roanoke – raised terrace behind the Co-op) on  Saturday, August 19th, from 8AM to Noon.  Pre-orders are filled in the order they are received and are accepted up until 8pm on Friday, August 18th. 

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Four Corners Farm grows real, nutritionally dense food, caring for the land and the animals – working to bring you great food – from farmers you can trust!  We provide only the very best, locally grown Non-GMO feed, fresh pasture, and clean water for all of our animals which insures that your chicken, pork, beef, and eggs are nourishing and, simply put, better than the store-bought eggs and meats from who knows where. We never use artificial fertilizers, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

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