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The judge ruled; the surveyors came, and we stand strong and continue to presevere in our effort to defend our land, our water and our farm. Others came, too. They created art, stood with us, watched surveyors and supported us with their loving presence. (THANK YOU!! You know who you are!!)

We posted many videos on Facebook throughout the day – feel free to watch and connect with us through the Four Corners Farm Facebook Page.

Also – in case you missed it, we, along with 50+ other landowners in the path of the proposed MVP and ACP have sued FERC… learn more HERE.

And lastly: our family has been battling the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) for three years, we now face harsh realities as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) considers whether to issue a permit to construct the proposed project. The support and encouragement from so many people in our community has been a huge blessing and gift…thank you! Maybe you can’t physically join us in support, but perhaps you are willing to donate to our Farm’s legal efforts to defend the land and protect water. If so, please consider donating $25 or whatever amount you feel you can.

Thank you!!

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