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Dear farm friends,

On Friday, October 13th, after 7pm, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued certificates of public convenience and neccessityf or both the proposed Mountain Valley (MVP) and Atlantic Coast (ACP) fracked gas pipelines. [1]. We contend that these projects are neither convenient or neccesary for the public.

You can read Bold Alliance’s press release issued in response to the FERC certifications of MVP and ACP here.

I’m still reeling from FERC’s decision… As landowners, there are many, many concerns that swarm our minds — fears of invasion and destruction, to carefully thinking through any hopes or plans we have for our family farm.

But then I get the fire in my belly, to fight, defend and work to exhaust all our options to stop these horribly destructive pipelines from being built. And just knowing that there are so many of us landowners who are standing strong and resolved to fight gives me courage, hope and confidence that we, the people, are on the right side of history.

While the FERC certifications are a setback, these pipelines are by no means a done deal — as states including West Virginia and North Carolina have still not issued necessary permits, and have in fact recently put the brakes on their reviews, deeming them insufficient. [2,3]

Consider getting involved in our effort to reject pipelines and protect property rights and defend the land and water for our communities. Keep connected through Bold Alliance’s work in Appalachia by signing up HERE to receive updates and actions as well as supporting landowners, just like us.

Thank you for your encouragement and love as we press on in our fight to protect Four Corners Farm! 


[1] “FERC Greenlights Gas Pipelines; Opponents to Continue Fight,” WVTF, 10/14/17.

[2] “West Virginia Revokes Approval Of Mountain Valley Pipeline As Legal Terrain Shifts,” Huffington Post, 9/15/17.

[3] “After public outcry, North Carolina governor delays decision on Atlantic Coast pipeline,, 9/15/17.

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