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Winter weather is blowing in… we’ve enjoyed gathering around our wood stove and sharing (mostly) quiet evenings together. Our latest addition to the family, puppy Koda, has certainly kept things lively and fun. After a long, emotional, & tumultuous year, the presence of a puppy has brought us much needed joy and laughter.  We hope that this Holiday Season you and yours are finding joy and peace in everyday moments; perhaps the breathtaking beauty of snow falling gracefully, or the sight of a creek or river, or of trees bare standing strong and powerful with limbs reaching up and out even during the cold & dark of winter.

I know one thing is certain: visiting with the farmers, growers and producers of locally raised/grown/made items is a source of happiness! Be sure you visit us and the other amazing local growers this Saturday at the Holiday Market held in the Roanoke Co-lab… we look forward to seeing you there!

Visit us in Roanoke at the Special Grandin Village HOLIDAY Farmers Market THIS Saturday, December 16th, 10AM-1PM!

We will be delivering pre-orders for non-gmo, Pasture-Raised Turkeys, Range-Raised Pork and locally roasted COFFEE to the Grandin Village Holiday Farmers Market at the Roanoke Co-Lab (1327 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke) on  Saturday, December 16th, from 10AM to 1PM.  Pre-orders are filled in the order they are received and are accepted up until 8pm on Friday, December 15th.

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Four Corners Farm grows real, nutritionally dense food, caring for the land and the animals – working to bring you great food – from farmers you can trust!  We provide only the very best, locally grown Non-GMO feed, fresh pasture, and clean water for all of our animals which insures that your chicken, pork, beef, and eggs are nourishing and, simply put, better than the store-bought eggs and meats from who knows where. We never use artificial fertilizers, chemicals, or pharmaceuticals.

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