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Through the twists and turns of this past year, we’ve arrived to a season of rest and rejuvenation for our family. The darkness and cold outdoors calls us inward, to reflect and ponder. We certainly have much to think on and consider as a family; over our years of farming we have experienced a lot of learning and loss.

December 19, 2017 marked our 7 year anniversary of arriving to the farm here in Virginia. On that same morning, we found our beloved Border Collie, rescue-dog, Maxford, deceased. Family health issues have arisen over the past couple of months. We’re also living under the shadow of a threatening gas pipeline corporation who is suing us to seize a portion of our land for their financial benefit (in fact, this is our fourth Christmas with it’s ominous presence hanging over us).

With all the heavy darkness that permeates our lives, and let’s face it, the world around us, we can often feel stunned, immobilized and fearful. Truly, the emotions run the gamut around here, and that’s okay. We’re learning to get more and more real while working on living authentic lives. In the brokenness and unknowns, a deep sense of appreciating nature in her beauty and everyday moments of joy have been saving graces. The light shines brighter in the darkness.

This holiday season, our farm family (farmily) sincerely wishes you and yours a wonder-filled and joyful holiday season. May your spirit be warmed by the ever-growing light Winter brings.

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