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Late last week, we received more propaganda from Mountain Valley Pipeline. This time it was informing us landowners, or as they call us “stakeholders” (why yes, we do hold all the risk!), about upcoming “force-assisted excavation” also known as BLASTING. On Tuesday, June 19th, we got a notification from MVP’s lawyer, less than 48 hours from when they intend to blast on our property, and that MVP also wants to send an “inspector” to enter our home and do a “pre-blast” survey (with less than 24 hours notice).

Our privacy and right to use and enjoy our property has been completely ripped away. Our hearts are broken and our spirits angered by the continuous greed and abuse on this land we love. As we’ve expressed before, we just cannot fathom the raw experience of those who called this land home hundreds and thousands of years ago. We grieve our society’s loss of honoring the earth and the ways so much of humankind cares less and less about this planet we live on and call home.

We continue to struggle and stick together as a family and community who desire to protect and preserve what is sacred. With MVP attempting to blast very soon, the concern for our water being destroyed is heightened. Would you help us cover fees for baseline water testing, legal actions, and expenses in protecting our farm animals? Please consider supporting us by donating through this You Caring link.

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