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Easter Eggstravaganza

What a FUN time we had the Fourth Annual Easter Eggstravaganza!

Thank you to all the local businesses who made donations. 2015 Donors: The Taubman Museum, Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op, The Candy Store, Commercial Insurance Services, and Farm Credit Country Mortgages.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to share any you have!

115Also, enjoy this Easter Eggstravaganza write up from Megan Zalecki of Richmond, VA.
On Saturday, April 5th, Four Corners Farm in Franklin County, VA hosted their annual Eggstravangza event, complete with an Easter egg hunt and farm tour. Though the day brought blustery winds and chilly temperatures, the sun was shining, the spring chicks were chirping, and approximately 200 people came to the farm for Easter fun. The day’s offerings included live music from Aspen Black, Ukranian egg decorating demonstrations, and local vendors selling their handmade wares including ceramics, jewelry, woodworking, and crocheting.The day began with egg spoon races and Ukranian egg decorating, a technique of egg decoration that involves removal of the yolk while leaving the eggshell intact, then employing a wax resist along with vinegar-based dyes to create intricate designs. Diane Drahos, a resident of Franklin and long-time egg decorator, did her demonstration in the farm Pavilion, with children and parents looking on.

The Reillys then offered visitors a farm tour, starting with a quintessential symbol of spring’s arrival: baby chicks. The brooder house on Four Corners Farm is home to over 200 broiler babies. The families lined up to take their turn peeking at the chicks frolicking under their heating lamps. The tour continued to the lower pasture, where the cows and pigs were recently moved.

“We rotate the locations of our pigs and cows so the pasture has time to replenish itself” said Carolyn Reilly to the crowd. “You can see off in the woods where the pigs used to be, it’s cleared out where they have been rooting and digging around.” Children giggled at an inquisitive cow inspecting the crowd from behind the fence.

The crowd then moved uphill, to the mobile chicken coop that is home to 250 chickens and roosters, as well as Guinea hens. The Reillys answered questions and shared stories about farm life.

Once the Easter egg hunt began, a parent from Ferrum commented on the event as his children searched for eggs, “This is our 3rd year attending the egg hunt; this one is bigger than ever. It’s a great thing that they offer this freely to the community. It’s like a gift.”

“We love the way they do things here,” said another attendee, a weekly customer of the farm, “This is where I come for eggs when my hens aren’t laying. This is a great place and a great event.”

As the event winded down, children lined up with their baskets to claim prizes from the 1,000 eggs that were found. Families left Four Corners Farm with prizes like t-shirts and gift certificates, Easter candy, but most importantly, smiles and memories made together.

For more information on Four Corners Farm, please visit or find them on Facebook at Four Corners Farm.

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