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Whole Food Basics

Confused about healthy Eating?
Tired of the Diet Roller Coaster?
Get back to the Basics!


An all day, hands-on learning experience with Carolyn Reilly and Dr. Kim Dulaney!

What’s it all about anyways?

In the Whole Food Basics full day class, Carolyn & Kim share their knowledge and experiences about food, breaking it down into simple categories.  Kim’s expertise as a family doctor brings depth and meaning as she shares the science behind why eating a Whole Foods diet is important. Carolyn’s passion and experience with farming and food brings hope and excitement as she shares how to take simple steps to make the change to a Whole Foods diet.

Join Dr. Kim & Farmer Carolyn as they teach, discuss, share videos and stories, thoroughly exploring the following food categories:

Drinks * Fruits & Vegetables * Grains * Protein * Dairy * Sweets

Locally sourced lunch, booklet, recipes, and class materials included! 

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Have questions? Contact Carolyn at 334-1044 or carolyn [at] fourcornersfarm [dot] com

Read what others have experienced in the Whole Food Basics Class:

“This day has been so rich, so full of LIFE.  I have been encouraged well beyond my kitchen.” – Elizabeth R.

“Carolyn and Kim work really well together [they] keep the program moving, no lull or boredom in the day.  [They] know the material.” – Maxine D.

“I, personally, had a great time and feel smarter.  I’m actually interested in what I put in my mouth now.  Thanks!” – Melissa C.

“This was an amazing experience… just perfect!” The information was well organized and taught and the ‘community building’ was so wonderful.” – Deborah S.

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