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Pastured Poultry Pre-Order

2018 Pastured Poultry Pre-Order Info

Due to the imminent threat of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) invading our farm, we have made the decision to raise a limited number of broilers this season. Our breed of choice this year is the Freedom Ranger chicken; they love to range and forage on the land, plus have a nice balance of white and dark meat. You can learn more about the Freedom Ranger chickens HERE.


Our Retail price for chicken this season is $6 per pound. When you pre-order, you save $1 per pound! We simply ask for a $10 deposit per bird (this helps pay for up front input costs), which is deducted from the total bird cost when picking up. The Pre-Order price is $5 per pound with a DEADLINE of April 30th. If you’d like your birds delivered to the Grandin Village Farmer’s Market, there is a delivery fee of  $0.25 per pound.

FRESH Pasture-Raised Chicken Pick-up Dates
(**Limited Quantities Available!**):
June 1-2
June 22-23
July 6-7
July 20-21
August 17-18
September 7-8
September 28-29
October 12-13

ORDER DEADLINE is April 30th! Order Online TODAY!! 

Why do we charge what we do? Below is a detailed list of our input costs per bird:
Chick: $1.35
Feed: $6.25
Label: $0.27
Bag: $0.34
Ice: $0.30
*Misc: $1.50
Total: $10.01 (does NOT include labor cost)
*Misc costs include: watering and feed systems, processing tools and cleaning supplies

ORDER DEADLINE is April 30th! Order Online TODAY!! 

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