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Range Raised Pork

Range raised pork from Four Corners Farm

Are you looking to stock up with locally-grown, non-GMO, range raised pork? We have bulk options available and are now taking reservations for whole and half hogs.
Price per pound is for hanging weight (estimated weight ranges for whole, 200-250 lbs, and half, 100-125 lbs):

Whole: $3.50/lb.

Half: $3.75/lb.

To reserve: Email or call (540-334-1044) to let us know what you would like to reserve (whole or half). A $100 deposit is required for all reservations. We will let you know the estimated date of processing (first reserved, first served). The deposit will be deducted from your total. There are also additional fees due directly to the processor (more information HERE). Pork Cut sheet is available to view HERE. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to email or call!

More About Our Pigs…

Our hogs are happy co-workers here on the farm! They range, root and clear, munching happily on the green grass and other vegetation – partnering with us to regenerate the life of the soil and create lush, fertile ground.

There are many benefits to pasture/range raised pork – here are just a few:

It’s more nutritious.

It’s more humane.

It’s better for the environment.

It’s better for rural communities.

It’s safer for human health.

Range raised pork retail cuts now available! View our Product and Pricing page: HERE.



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