Pasture Raised Turkey


Our Turkeys enjoy the pastured life! Following a similar pattern of our laying chickens, the turkeys are moved to fresh pasture and are kept protected using a special electric netting fence.  They are co-workers here on the farm, providing excellent fertilizer and pest control as they grow and enjoy the grasses.

The Broad Breasted White is produced by breeding the White Holland and the Broad Breasted Bronze. It is the dominant turkey on the market and is the one that most Americans are familiar with. Broad Breasted Whites can weigh anywhere from 14-24 pounds and is a tasty, economical option for your holiday celebrations. $6.50/pound 

2017 Turkey Reservation Information

We are now accepting reservations for our 2017 Pasture Raised Turkeys! A $50 deposit is required to secure your reservation. Place your order and reserve your Turkey(s) TODAY! See below for details.

Pre-ordered FRESH turkeys will be ready to pick up from our Farm Store beginning on Saturday, November 18th (hours are 11am-5pm). We also will be delivering pre-ordered turkeys to Roanoke at the Grandin Village Community Holiday Market held at the Co-Lab on Saturday, November 18th. This will be our ONLY delivery to Roanoke.

Other pick up days at our Farm Store include Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st, both days from 3-6pm.

We also can coordinate by appointment – please email (info [at] fourcornersfarm [dot] com) or call us (334-1044) to schedule a convenient time.

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