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We processed our first batch of Freedom Rangers today! Here is a little more information about this beautiful breed from the Freedom Ranger Hatchery:

The breeding stock is imported from the regions of Burgundy and Brittany (France). The genetic stock is derived from the American and European old heritage breed of chicken and was developed in the early 1960’s to meet the highest standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program. Currently, the Freedom Ranger genetic stock is used by most non-factory farm production models (alternative) all across Europe and also by small pastured poultry producers in search of a traditionally raised farm chicken – just like the “oldies”, healthy and with a succulent flavor and texture.

They take 2-3 weeks longer to grow compared to the standard industry broiler, the Cornish Cross, which is ready in 7 to 8 weeks of age. Our Freedom Rangers truly roamed free within our Family Cow pasture, busily doing their job of scratching and spreading the manure into the soil, working hard at taking care of the flies.   Our Freedom Rangers are beautiful, strong, robust, and tasty, making a wonderful Sunday roast chicken dinner!  Visit our Farm Store page for pricing.

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