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Four Corners Farm is a great place!

Almost every day, I’m up at 6:55 am to go feed my ducks. The pond is located a little ways from the house, so I get a little fresh air going down there. I have 16 Khaki Cambells, the Drakes look like Mallards, and the hens are brown dashed with black. These are for layers, not meat. They remind me of a little poem that I read, you will read it later. I will be selling eggs for $5 in the farm store. These ducks can not fly that well (a male’s best record is 5 ft. high, and 45 ft. long.) Also, they are good in cold weather.

I truly think My Ducks are amazing.                                                                                          Jonas Reilly, age 11, oldest of the Reilly children.

Ducks Ditty,   by Kenneth Grahame

All along the backwater,

Through the rushes tall,

Ducks are a-dabbling,

Up tails all!


Ducks’ tails, Drakes’ tails’,

Yellow feet a-quiver,

Yellow bills all out of sight

Busy in the river!


Slushy green undergrowth

where the roaches swim,

here we keep our larder,

cool and full and dim.


Everyone for what he likes!

WE like to be

Heads down, tails up,

Dabbling free.


High in the blue above,

swifts whirl and call-

WE are down a-dabbling,

Up tails all!





Ducks parading around the pond


This piece of grass taste good!



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