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It’s time to talk turkey… well, not really, but it’s time to start thinking about them for Thanksgiving.  We have a handful of our beautiful pastured Mammoth Bronze Turkeys available and encourage you to make your reservations as soon as possible!  It’s easy… simply email Carolyn or give us a call at 334-1044.

More Information

The Mammoth Bronze turkeys are the product of crossing domestic turkeys brought from Europe by colonists (which had been exported to Europe years before) with the Wild Turkey. These matings produced a bird that was larger and more robust than the European turkeys, and tamer than wild turkeys.

Our turkeys are drug and hormone free (as well as our chickens, too)! They are fed Virginia-grown, chemical free, non-GMO feed and real food kitchen scraps. Our turkeys free range in the pasture and enjoy the mountain sunshine, green grass, and fresh foraging.

Come out to the farm and see our turkeys!  Listen for their turkey talk!

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