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Handsome, funny, helpful and kind… these are just several words to describe Jonas, our oldest son. He is celebrating a milestone birthday this month – on March 9th he will be 13 years old!  Where has the time gone, I ask?  So much behind us yet more time lies ahead for this young man entering young adulthood.  You see, we are choosing not to call him a teenager, giving in to the everyday term of those who are in between youth and maturity… we choose to recognize that as a young person enters the years of growing in maturity and wisdom, that they are truly a young adult.  They are capable of so much more than we often give any “teenager” credit for.  Jonas is stepping into more leadership and responsibility as he enters this next stage of life.  Let’s sit down and get to know more about Jonas!

Carolyn: Have you ever had a desire to become a farmer?

Jonas: Maybe, when I was little.

Carolyn:  What do you dream of being when you are an adult?

Jonas: Maybe a comedian, a sailor, a scientist or a paleontologist. I really don’t know yet.

Carolyn:  Where were you born?

Jonas: Ocala, FL

Carolyn: What kind of outdoor things do you like to do?

Jonas: I like to hike, bird watching, and building stuff outside.

Carolyn: Have you always enjoyed being outside?

Jonas: Yeah.  I have.

Carolyn:  Tell us about your hobbies – what are some things you enjoy doing?

Jonas: I like flying model airplanes, sailing, building models (legos, too), reading, and drawing/sketching or painting.

Carolyn:  What is one of the most challenging parts of farming?

Jonas: Getting up in the morning!

Carolyn: What is one of the best parts of farming?

Jonas: Seeing the results of all the good things we’ve done.

Carolyn: What do you think makes our farm so different than the typical American farm?

Jonas: Well, we’re a lot kinder to our animals – they all have personalities and we treat them in that way.

Carolyn: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Jonas: I don’t know…

Carolyn: Thank you for sitting down with me!

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