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Evelyn_NewsletterPhoto-1Sweet spirited, beautiful (inside and out), intelligent, and animal lover are just a few words to describe our oldest daughter, Evelyn Reilly.  Around the farm, she is a hard worker, helps collect eggs, nurture and care for any injured animals (including a wild turkey), as well as digging in the dirt – planting and playing.  Evelyn also loves music as well as poetry and enjoys writing or choosing a poem to be included in our monthly newsletter. On Sunday, March 31st, Evelyn will be turning 10 years old!

Let’s sit down and get to know more about Evelyn!


Carolyn: Have you ever had a desire to become a farmer?

Evelyn: Yes.

Carolyn:  What do you dream of being when you are an adult?

Evelyn: Probably a Vet.

Carolyn:  Where were you born?

Evelyn: Ocala, FL

Carolyn: What kind of outdoor things do you like to do?

Evelyn: Just play, well play and work – both!

Carolyn: Have you always enjoyed being outside?

Evelyn: Yes, mostly.

Carolyn:  Tell us about your hobbies – what are some things you enjoy doing?

Evelyn: Playing outside, cooking, writing poetry, and doodling.

Carolyn: What is one of the most challenging parts of farming?

Evelyn: Watching any of our animals that are sick, die; not being able to help them.  Animals dying.

Carolyn: What is one of the best parts of farming?

Evelyn: Watching chicks and plants growing up to be healthy and happy.

Carolyn: What do you think makes our farm so different than the typical American farm?

Evelyn: How we treat our animals – allowing to be what they are and where they’re supposed to be.

Carolyn: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Evelyn: I don’t know.

Carolyn: Thank you for sitting down with me!

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