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Buttercup with second calf, Sandiferd

Buttercup with second calf, Sandiferd

By (Gramma) Betty Werner

In 2011, the month was June,

Our Four Corners Farm family cow arrived.

Family decision discussed down, discussed up-

What to name the cow?  Oh, Buttercup!

Due to calf in July, she got used to her land,

And while we celebrated the 4th she delivered forth

A black angus babe we named Abigail.  How grand!

Buttercup was happy to have her own herd and we watched

Abigail grow at least by a third!   We started that August to milk her each day,

Patience and love and persistence the way (not to mention some grain)

her affection and trust and bountiful milk for to gain.

Jonas, Evelyn and Carolyn milked her some

But Gramma Betty was the primary one.

One year later we were milking her still,

though pregnant she was with a March calf inside.

Our herd had increased with Momma May coming in June

And she had a calf that summer with Fawn for a name.

From one cow to four, all females now here

with Abigail also to add another cow soon!

Buttercup calved on March 2nd with the first male of our herd,

Will we call him Buddy? Sandy? Ferdinand?  No, it’s  Sandiferd!

Three weeks later we lost Buttercup

 to mastitis and milk fever… she just couldn’t get up.

God took her to pastures ever green, cool and bright,

We will miss her forever but she lives on with us

In our memories and with Abigail and Sandiferd in sight!


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