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She’s our little bundle of joy! Joy Elizabeth is our youngest child – the baby of the family.  She truly is joyful (most of the time), loves the outdoors and living on a farm.  After all, she was only 18 months old when we moved here – this is the only life she knows!  Joy Elizabeth will be celebrating her 4th birthday this Sunday, June 9th… it is hard to believe how fast time has gone by.  She has blessed all of our lives, as have each of our children in unique and special ways.  We are grateful for the experiences we are learning together as a family as we journey ahead in farming!   Enjoy this interview with our youngest… keep in mind she’s still only 3 years old!

Carolyn: Have you ever had a desire to become a farmer?

Joy:  [Nods head yes]

Carolyn:  What do you dream of doing when you grow up?

Joy: I feel like I got dreams – I want to be able to eat everyday.

Carolyn:  Where were you born?

Joy: In Florida!

Carolyn: What kind of outdoor things do you like to do?

Joy: Swing! Work in the garden. Read in books outside. Pick salad!  Help dig.  Do chores with Daddy. Play with kitty cats. Ummm… seeing the pigs and chickens and chicks and cows!

Carolyn: Have you always enjoyed being outside?

Joy: [Nods head vigorously – yes]

Carolyn:  Tell us about your hobbies – what are some things you enjoy doing?

Joy: I like help digging. I like reading books inside. I like drawing. I like birds! Listening to them singing… [then she sings in a sing songy voice:“tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet!”]

Carolyn: What is one of the hardest parts of farming?

Joy: Ummm, help trying to climb big trees that I can’t climb myself.

Carolyn: What is one of the best parts of farming?

Joy: Making homemade ice cream!

Carolyn: What do you think makes our farm so different than the typical American farm?

Joy: Cause Grandpa mows.

Carolyn: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Joy: I can’t see myself!?!

Carolyn: Thank you Joy, for sharing!

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