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They say that behind every great man there is a great woman, but in this case the great woman is in the front. Carolyn truly is the “face” of this farm and she handles all of the marketing and outreach that we do. She is also the heart of the home; teaching, preparing meals and keeping things moving in the right direction. If you’ve enjoyed our newsletter, Facebook posts, various classes and events here on the farm then you have seen her in action. It is my pleasure to interview my wife for this farmer profile. Thank you Carolyn for all that you do!

Ian: When you were little, did you ever have a desire to become a farmer?

Carolyn: Not necessarily… loved the idea of living in the country, though.

Ian:  What did you dream of being when you grew up?

Carolyn: A National Geographic Photographer, Ocean Explorer and/or Interior Decorator

Ian:  Where were you raised?

Carolyn: North Central Florida – Ocala.

Ian: What kind of outdoor things did you do?

Carolyn: I played in dirt with my Mom in her garden, played football with the neighborhood boys, climbed trees, swam in the pool, camped and rode my bike.

Ian: Have you always enjoyed being outside?

Carolyn: Yes, but even more so here in Virginia – Florida is so HOT!

Ian:  What has been your occupation most of your adult life?

Carolyn: I was a bookstore manager for several years, then moved to sales and marketing for a graphics/digital design company.  After having our 2nd child, I stayed at home mostly full time, but also taught fitness classes part time for a couple years.

Ian: Tell us about your hobbies – what are some things you enjoy doing?

Carolyn: I love books, poetry, cooking, taking pictures, nature photography, rearranging furniture, and being outside enjoying creation – oh, and I love spending time with my family!

Ian:  How did you respond to my dream to go farm and live on the land?

Carolyn: I am grateful for the fact that the dream was planted in us both and that we listened to the call to step out of our comfort zones and trusted God to get us there!

Ian:  What is one of the most challenging parts of farming?

Carolyn: Going with the flow, so to speak – recognizing that we cannot control nature!

Ian: What is one of the best parts of farming?

Carolyn: There are so many wonderful elements of farming!  Being close to nature and the glorious outdoors as well as watching our children learn and grow up with deep appreciation and understanding of food.

Ian: What do you think makes our farm so different than the typical American farm?

Carolyn: We’re different because we care about our customers and desire to teach and educate others about the importance of real food – sharing the “good food news” as I like to say.

Ian: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Carolyn: Right here with you, my dear – loving the land, my family and the world!

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