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Creek_PlaySummer.  It’s here.  Spring rolled on through with her cool breezes, rains and dappled sunshine.  The heat has arrived and is settling in for our busy season.  However, this year, I’ve decided to take time to play.  Yep, you read correctly… play.  For the last 7+ months I’ve devoted much of my “extra” time and energy towards collaborating with Preserve Franklin to stop and/or derail the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline.  The stress and concerns have been there in the cobwebs of my mind – yet, I’ve stayed positive and proactive in my involvement.

But today (Tuesday, June 23), it all hit me so hard… You see, a reporter and photographer from the Roanoke Times came out to our farm to get to know about our family and farm, our way of life, and how the proposed pipeline affects us.  I (Carolyn) enjoy chatting with people and sharing – whether it be my concerns or general life stuff.  This wasn’t something I was worried about – and all in all, the interview went well.  It was afterwards that I felt the effects of pouring out yourself to someone realizing that it could be shared to a large audience.  I was simply drained… and honestly, down in the dumps depressed.  The questions and passionate answers left me empty, scared and uncertain about the future.

Which leads me back to making time to play… recreate… rest.

With all the pipeline hubbub, it’s reminded me of how important it is to embrace the present – yes the gifts – that are before us in each moment.  Two weeks ago I grabbed hold of the gift of Little Creek on our land in the midst of an incredibly HOT day.  I trekked down to the creek with four kids in tow.  We didn’t bring towels, or much of anything (although I was glad to have brought a camera!).  I kicked off my shoes and waded into the clear cold water.  My feet thanked me.  I inhaled the fresh air.  I observed the dancing leaves in the bright sunlight and the sparking diamonds on the creek’s surface.  I listened to the gentle rushing water over the rocks.  This is recreation.  Re-creation.  Being in nature and beauty brought newness and hope to my soul.

So, I’ll deal with the hot Summer days and choose to go out and play in the coolness and shade of Little Creek.

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