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Each year that goes by, we learn from our experiences and come up with ideas (some new, some old, some borrowed and some bold!) to help grow our family farm and the relationships we have with you, our customers. This year is no exception.  We’ve introduced the Pastured Poultry Pre-Order so that:

  1. Customers are able to secure the number of chickens they would like for the 2016 season
  2. Offer a discount for those who pre-order, pay deposit and pick up at our farm
  3. Helps us plan how many chickens are needed throughout the 2016 season

Why support our efforts in doing it this way?  It takes a lot of energy and labor to store poultry, more than for any of our other meats.  When you agree to pick up your chickens while still fresh and transport them home in your own coolers, you are saving us the storage and handling expense.  And, when you pay us that deposit up front now, you give your local, family-friendly farmers a little seed money, to help us cover our annual start-up costs that we face each Spring.

Ready to $AVE? We’re offering a SPECIAL extension of our pre-order deadline! We have two tiers of pricing for our whole chickens:
1) Pre-order by May 15 with Farm Store Pick-up: $4.50 per pound
2) Buy them as you need them at our Farm Store or any pick up locations: $5.50 per pound.

As you can see, it’s a really good idea to order NOW!

Pastured Poultry Pre-Order

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