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The days are drawing to a close for the opportunity to pre-order our pasture-raised chicken and SAVE $$!  We’ve extended our pre-order time to be sure and offer everyone (including new Grandin Village customers) plenty of time to reserve FRESH chicken.  Save $1 per pound when you reserve chickens for pick up at our farm (if needing to coordinate for a pick up location, i.e. market, please contact us for details).

Last day to place your pre-order is Sunday, May 15th.  Our online order form is easy to use or you can come by our farm store and complete one of our Pastured-Poultry Pre-Order forms in person!  Learn more about our pre-order for poultry HERE.

WHY Pre-Order??

We raise chickens out on pasture while the grass is green and the weather is mild.  This means we don’t have fresh chicken available during the late fall and winter months.  So if you are hoping to be able to pull out a whole chicken during the cold season for a delicious homemade soup, be sure to get your pre-order placed TODAY!

Pastured Poultry Pre-Order & SAVE!

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